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Design and Project Management

The Design and Project Management Group manages large and complex physical-layer (telecommunications rooms, pathways, and cabling) communication projects for the campus. We are responsible for designing and planning new communication systems and for helping campus customers navigate complex changes to their existing systems as well as moves between locations. We are available to help customers decide on the correct products, services, and technology.

The Design and Project Management Group also has the responsibility for the installation and maintenance of horizontal communications cabling.  We are responsible for overseeing the installation and maintenance of the appropriate facilities and components of the Telecommunications Rooms (TRs), inter and intrabuilding infrastructure, including, but not limited to, communication cabling pathways and electrical and environmental requirements. 



Primary contact:

Bruce Lorenzen, RCDD
Manager, Installation, Design, and Project Management
2484 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94720-1640

Office: 510-643-0883
Mobile: 510-406-8476
Fax: 510-642-4068

Design and Project Management Group staff:

NamePhone  Email
Design and Project Management Group    
Al Baez 643-1107
Martin Garcia 664-4480    
Colette Jackson 642-6412    
Jay Kim 642-9344
Monica Mack 643-8605    
Judy Meers
Brandon Merkel
Howard Revel
Lucia Tsai 642-9814    
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