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After Hours Support
To report a critical application or system outage, requiring immediate attention between the hours of 5:00pm to 8:00am, please call 510-664-9000.

(If 510-664-9000 is out of service, please call 1-888-493-8688, and report your original problem and report that 510-664-9000 is not working.)

To leave a message to be returned the Next Business day press – *7*.

To report a critical application or system outage – press *9*.

You can also send email to the address:

Please use the “Next Business Day” call back selection for individual support issues. Calls will be returned promptly the next business day.

IST Service Center (and Other Support Services)

Web Form Email Phone

Submit a question to a
Service Center consultant.

(Requires CalNet authentication)

(510) 664-9000

IST provides support online via the IST Knowledge Base and email, as well as by phone. If the categories below do not address your support needs, please call 510-664-9000, and press 1, press 4, then 2: "All Other Technology Support." Tip: When calling 664-9000 you may press the top level menu options and sub-menu options immediately when the greeting begins. For example, for "General Computer Support" immediately press 1 then 4.

Service Center Name




Telephone and Network Support

Voice Repair
Report no dial tone, static on the line, or poor quality.
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,1,1)

Data Services
Network connections, (AirBears)
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,1,2)

Data Services
AT&T Wifi (AT&T Collaboration)
Support for AT&T Login, password, and connectivity issues.
24/7/365 1-888-888-7520 NA
Data Services
AT&T Wifi (AT&T Collaboration)
For non-technical, general customer services, billing, or questions that are not time-sensitive
24/7/365 NA
Voice Services
Consulting for analog and digital lines, voicemail services (Cal Voicemail), processing data orders, video, phone equipment, (AirBears) calling cards, conference call equipment rental, new service offerings, directory services and shopping cart training. CCU staff is also available for individual, personalized consultations.
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,1,3)

 Wireless communication
Purchase and support of cell phones, smart phones, pagers, and radios.
 M-F 9-4 510-664-9000
Press (1,1,4)

Collaborative Tools

Email, webmail, mailing lists (CalMail) M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,2,6)

CalMail change form application This Form is for ownership changes and name changes for departmental email accounts only. Personal Cal email account names will only be changed to match the CalNet ID of the owner. Write to to change a CalNet ID.    

Write to to request a synchronization of a personal email name with your CalNet ID.

New Departmental Email Account application

Departmental Domain Service Application


    For information about CalMail Departmental Domains and prerequisites for obtaining one, go to CalMail's Departmental Domain Service page.
bConnected (bConnected)
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,2,5)

CalShare, a collaboration tool
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,4,2)

Access Support

Go to the CalNet gateway to make changes to your personal information and settings, and find answers to most CalNet questions.
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,3,1)

CalNet ID and or Passphrase Help:

Follow the link below for a list of all Calnet Deputies for all departments

Calnet Deputy Contact information


M-F 9-5

510-642-4126 The Cal 1 Card Office provides drop-in, phone, and email customer support for lost CalNet IDs and passphrases for everybody. They are located at 180A Cesar Chavez Center in Lower Sproul Plaza.
CalNet Deputies Support
To become a CalNet Deputy: Fill out the application and take a 1 hour training course (UC Training Center).
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,3,1)
(or list:
Network Access Control
VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections, desktop security software (virus protection and personal firewall) for security and staff (Software Central).
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,3,2)

Network Security Alerts
Report security incidents, best practices, resources, standards, and training.
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,3,3)

All Other Technology Support

End User Device Support

End User Device Support (Departmental On Site Computing Support)

M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,4,2)

Business Applications
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,2,2)

Cal Answers Campus OBIEE reporting portal. Currently includes student datasets.

M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,2,2)

Software Downloads and Licenses (Software Central)
Campus supported site licenses for both campus funded and user purchase. This includes basic desktop security software such as anti-virus and firewall as well as VPN and user purchased statistical applications.
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,4,1)

General Computing Issues
Provides first-level support for the campus network infrastructure. Provides assistance for all other technology support.
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,4,2)

CalPlanning provides reports and analytical tools for financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting in order to prepare, analyze, and make decisions about the annual budget.
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,2,4)

CalTime  (CalTime)
CalTime is Berkeley's Electronic Timekeeping System.
M-F 8-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,2,3)

Other Support Services

Bomgar (Bomgar)
Bomgar remote support system for UC Berkeley
M-F 9-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,4,2)

Knowledge Base (KB)
Answers to a wide variety of introductory and advanced Berkeley computing and IT questions; use this contact information for reporting issues or for other inquiries.
M-F 9-5 510-664-9000
Press (1,4,2)

(Cal 1 Card office)
CalNet ID and passphrase issues 180A Cesar Chavez, lower Sproul Plaza

Walk-in hours:
M-F 9-5
Conference calls M-F 8-5 510-642-1242 Fax reservation form to 510-643-8245
Hostmaster services (Hostmaster)
Assigns hostnames to IP addresses and manage the UC Berkeley name space.
Find information about campus and AT&T listings.
    The campus directory is online here. You can request AT&T books from the Shopping Cart.
Residence hall telephones
M-F 9-4 510-642-4625
Billing Questions    
Student Computer Consulting Service
Getting connected, email software, and desktop security software for students
Walk-in hours: M-F 10-2
1st Floor, Moffitt Library
Telecom Billing M-F 7:30-4:30 510-642-4625
Ticketing system
Unified service center, incident and problem reporting in one place.

There are other non-IST technical support providers on campus. For more information, see the campuswide IT Service Providers linked in the footer below.

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