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CalShare is a tool for creating and managing web sites for collaboration purposes. You can easily create and share sites, documents, images, lists, discussions and surveys.

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$53.00 per month with 1 GB Storage

Billed as 'IST Windows CalShare'

Additional storage is available in 1 GB increments. The cost is $1.00 per month per additional GB.

Additional storage is billed as 'IS-Win-CalShare Storage'



For general questions on the CalShare Service please send an email to 

CalShare is UC Berkeley's implementation of Microsoft's Office SharePoint Server. CalShare allows you to create collaboration web sites to share information and store documents in a secure environment.

CalShare is designed for flexible deployment, administration and development. Designated site managers can easily manage content and access permissions. Users on multiple platforms and various browsers can easily view, create and modify content stored in a centrally accessible location.

CalShare is also approved by the Campus Information Security and Privacy Committee as an appropriate storage location for sensitive or restricted data.

Central IT Statement on the Future of CalShare

Reports of CalShare's demise have been greatly exaggerated.  Central IT has started an effort this fiscal year (2012-2013) to review all of our collaboration tools and make recommendations on which ones to keep and not keep. 

CalShare is a full recharge service that runs on an break-even basis so no money savings would be realized from eliminating the service.  It is likely, therefore, the CalShare service will continue as long as there is demand for it. 

Furthermore, the Central IT policy is to give at least a one year advance notice before abating any IST service.


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