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Online electronic calendar service for faculty, staff, and students at UC Berkeley.

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An Overview of bCal — UC Berkeley’s New Calendar

bCal, UC Berkeley’s new calendar powered by Google, went live on July 23 for approximately 5,800 former CalAgenda users. This milestone was the first step in the campus’ move toward an integrated, web-based email and calendar solution for all faculty, staff and students through Google Apps for Education.

How do I access bCal?

Former CalAgenda users can access their new bCal calendars at

Who can use bCal?

The initial rollout of bCal is focused on campus staff who were previously using CalAgenda, a discontinued Oracle calendaring solution. Beginning in August 2012 and continuing on a department-by-department basis through January 2013, all of UC Berkeley’s faculty, staff, and students will be provided with bCal and bMail accounts through Google Apps for Education.

What about CalAgenda?

CalAgenda, the previous campus calendaring system, was replaced by bCal in July 2012. 

When is this happening?

bCal went live on July 23 for CalAgenda users. Others in the campus community will receive access to bCal and bMail together during a phased, department-by-department migration that will begin in August and continue through January 2013.

  • July 23, 2012: CalAgenda users were migrated to bCal.
  • July 9- August 20, 2012: No new calendar accounts (bCal or CalAgenda) will be issued.
  • August 20, 2012: Faculty and staff new to the University will receive bCal/bMail accounts as they join the campus community.
  • September 2012: bMail early-adopter groups will be provided with Google accounts.
  • October 2012 – January 2013: Phased rollout of Google Apps – bMail, bCal, and Google Drive – to the campus community will continue.





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