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Web Services

Web-related services for campus individuals and departments.

Web Applications

Web Applications delivers consulting services, provides software development services and handles application management.

Drupal Cloud Web Hosting Plans

IST Drupal Cloud Hosting offers powerful, easy-to-use tools for building and maintaining Drupal-based websites and applications. Partnering with San Francisco-based Pantheon to provide free state-of-the-art development tools and affordable hosting plans, IST Drupal Cloud Hosting is designed to support the many campus departments, research groups, and other organizations using the Drupal content management platform.

Legal Downloads at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley has a partnership with iTunes for music download service.

Requesting UCB Hostname for Externally Hosted Websites

If you are hosting your website with an off-campus service, you may request a UC Berkeley domain name by going to the Off-Site Hosting page. 

Salesforce Service

UCB's partnership with Salesforce to offer customer relationship management and cloud computing services to the campus.

UNIX Web Services

Web hosting services using UNIX environments.

Windows Web Services

Web hosting services using Windows environments.


UC Berkeley video and podcasts for courses and events. Service offered by Educational Technology Services in partnership with IST.

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