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IST Shopping Cart

This service along with many others, including phone, data network and data backup services, is ordered from the IST Shopping Cart.

Network Services

Internet connectivity for the campus community. Data network, wireless, modems, firewalls.

Wireless Network Service

AirBears2 provides simplified authentication, improved confidentiality for data being transmitted wirelessly, and is the preferred Wi-Fi option for eligible campus users. View visitor and all other campus Wi-Fi options.

DHCP & Dynamic DNS Service

The campus DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) service automates the process of configuring devices for operation on the campus wired network by providing dynamic assignment of IP addresses and other network parameters.

The dynamic DNS service works with the campus DHP service so that the hostname assigned to a device using DHCP is updated in real time so that it refers to the dynamic IP address assigned by the DHCP server to the device.


Campus departments can request firewall service from IST at no cost. IST provides firewall service using Cisco Systems' Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA). Each firewall is a virtual instance on the Cisco ASA, and is deployed as a network-based firewall, as opposed to a host-based firewall.

Network Infrastructure

Infrastructure for networking, telecom, and wireless.

Remote Access VPN Service

Allows CalNet ID–authenticated users to connect to the UC Berkeley network from outside of campus, as if they were on campus, and encrypts the information sent to the network.

Sports Broadcasting Service

Attention Sports Broadcasting Customers: Additional fees and surcharges apply for off-campus/external customers. Please see this important billing information.

IST Sports Broadcasting provides telecommunication connection(s) for broadcasting companies at all UC Berkeley home sporting events.

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