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Data Center & Servers

Servers, colocation, and other services from the campus data center. These services are mostly for campus departments.

Cloud Computing - Virtual Machine (VM)

IST’s Virtual Machine Service leverages VMware’s vSphere 5, offering the highest levels of availability and responsiveness for all applications and services with the industry’s most reliable platform for datacenter virtualization. By consolidating physical servers through the use of the VMware platform, IST has drastically reduced its footprint in the datacenter and brought the service in line with the sustainability and green computing initiatives on campus.


Business Continuity

Tiered disaster and business recovery (DR/BR) support services for Campus IT managed applications at San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) on a charge basis.

Infrastructure Services delivers business continuity services for campus applications administered by the Campus IT Department. Business Continuity is defined as keeping the enterprise functional no matter where it is being executed, locally or remotely, and ensures that the enterprise functionality will be available to its customers and users at all times.  There are two components to Business Continuity: 

· Disaster Recovery - getting systems and infrastructure back online after a disaster

· Business Resumption - getting business functionality back online after the infrastructure is readied 

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) now acts as UC Berkeley's Disaster Recovery hot-site (DRHS) in a disaster scenario when UC Berkeley's Data Center becomes unavailable.  SDSC would continue to act as the DRHS until that time when UC Berkeley's Data Center once again becomes functional.   

Infrastructure Services can assist campus customers in developing effective Business Continuity contingencies for their applications.



CalHPC - High Performance Computing Cluster Service

CalHPC provides support for high-performance Linux computing clusters hosted in the campus Data Center. Cluster management is provided by the Scientific Cluster Support (SCS) group of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).

Citrix Services

Citrix services are intended for UC Berkeley enterprise applications. Citrix gives you a secure one stop shop for certain UC Berkeley applications not installed on your computer (e.g. BAIRS, CalPlanning). This eliminates compatibility and security issues, such as the need to run a specific web browser version for each application.

Colocation Services

Securely house servers in the campus Data Center.

Server Donation Program

Broadcom donations

UNIX Services

UNIX servers and system administration services.

Windows Services

Windows servers and system administration services

xMatters - Data Center IT Operations Team

xMatters is a software tool that provides robust notification of people and groups in a timely and automated manner. By using schedules, contact devices, and several types of messaging media e.g., phone, text, email, xMatters can contact the right person at the right time during a crisis, incident, or other event requiring fast and consistence contacts.  xMatters events can be triggered by automatic monitor processes from an IT system or manually by users with scenarios or ad hoc messages, all of which leverage the matters concepts of groups, schedules, and devices for trouble free communication.
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