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Residential Telephone Service

Telephone Service

There is a mandatory service fee of $32.00 which includes a 7% ($3.33) Administrative Full Cost (AFC) assessment for basic telephone service for residence living in the Residence Halls and Manville. This will reflect as a one-time charge each semester and billed to your Billing and Payment Services account, formally (CARS) account.
Most rooms have at least one active telephone jack connected to the University's telephone network where basic telephone service is provided. Active line connections provide emergency 911 access and communications during an emergency. 
The telecom fee for all students living at Clark Kerr Campus, International House, and Martinez Commons will be waived. CKC students will be part of a pilot project that saves the resident the $32 per semester fee for landline telephone service. There will be phone jacks in the student rooms; however, students will not be required to have them activated. Students who choose to have them activated may do so for a fee paid directly to AT&T. Standard AT&T residential rates will apply. There will be house (emergency) phones in the hallways or near student rooms for use in emergencies or to call on campus.

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