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Organization Chart [PDF]

Data Services provides stewardship of both academic and administrative data, as well as tools for data presentation, visualization, analysis, and collaboration. Data Services helps prepare the campus for the convergence of IST, Library, ETS, and appropriate external providers.

Data Services includes the following four units:

  • Data Repository Management: Supports data modeling, data warehousing, data repositories, data integration, collections, and archives/media vault.
  • Collaboration, Presentation, and Analysis: Supports tools for data capture and collection, and user-interface tools for reporting, decision support, visualization, and collaboration.
  • Data Architecture: Facilitates the definition of architectural standards for campus information services and coordinates architectural planning with the Technology Standards, Practices, and Architecture group in the Office of the CIO.
  • Social Sciences Computing Laboratory: Operates instructional facilities and consultative services for academic use. Operates environments to provide online access to large-scale collections of quantitative, structured, or image-type data. Provides specialized research services, including a custom application for data collection and data management for the collection and processing of survey-type data.
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