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Wi-Fi for Campus

The University of California, Berkeley and AT&T are working on a joint project to improve Wi-Fi coverage across campus. Students, faculty, and staff will enjoy additional connectivity options as IST adds AT&T Wi-Fi Services to the campus wireless infrastructure. The AT&T SSID (attwifi) will be broadcast on campus and visible alongside AirBears, the existing campus SSID, and both will be carried by the campus high-speed data network.

Customers with qualifying AT&T high speed Internet, AT&T smartphone or AT&T LaptopConnect plans can get access to AT&T's entire national Wi-Fi network at no additional cost. 

This project augments and improves  wifi services in both student residence halls and core campus buildings. “AirBears”, including guest accounts, will operate as it does now across the entire deployed campus infrastructure. "attwifi" will also be available at the same locations.   At the residence halls, the "RESCOMP" SSID will run alongside the 'attwifi' SSID.  

As of February 2013, “attwifi” is now operating in 67 campus buildings and 18 residence halls.  We expect to complete the project  in Summer 2013, after deploying attwifi in nearly 160 buildings. All buildings that broadcast the "attwifi" SSID will also have full AirBears coverage.  

This expanded wifi service will allow you to:

  • Experience super-fast speeds made possible by this new Wi-Fi network
  • Surf the web on your mobile device while sitting on the hallway floor waiting for class to start
  • Conveniently access your personal and academic information while at these locations
  • Seamlessly connect your smartphone device without having usage count towards your monthly data plan

If you are within range of an AT&T hotspot and have enabled wi-fi on a qualifying AT&T device (such as an iPhone), it may connect automatically to the "attwifi" network.    If you don't have an AT&T device, but would like to purchase time on the 'attwifi' network, select the "attwifi" SSID.  You will be presented with the AT&T splash page which will allow you to buy AT&T Wi-Fi access.

Berkeley students, faculty, staff, and those with guest AirBears accounts will continue to have free access to AirBears.  Users with qualifying  AT&T smartphones and high-speed Internet plans can connect to 'attwifi' for free; others who wish to use the 'attwifi' network may purchase time in 24-hour block sessions ($3.99 per session).  

For connectivity issues or technical support

Customer Support
AT&T Customer Support

The phone number should be used to report any problems connecting to the ATTWIFI network.  Do not send email.  AT&T Call Center is staffed 24/7/365 days a year and is the primary resource for connectivity issues.  The call center assists with initial diagnosis and troubleshooting and will escalate network issues to their NOC as necessary. 


For non-technical, general service questions; billing inquiries; or subscription services:

UC Berkeley UC Berkeley CIO Campuswide IT Service Providers
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