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AT&T Collaboration with UC Berkeley

Mobile voice and data have become the most important forms of communication to date. With the largest Wi-Fi network in the nation, AT&T is the industry leader in the areas of wired and wireless telecommunications. They have offered to make several significant investments in the campus to improve our infrastructure, particularly to enhance our cellular and Wi-Fi services. We anticipate the following benefits from these investments as AT&T improves services that the campus community uses every day.

  • Improved speed
  • AT&T automatic authentication
  • Convenient access to personal and academic information as well as other Internet resources

While mobility is the primary focus of our strategic direction with AT&T, we are also working on other projects that will improve connectivity to locations adjacent to the campus and reduce our costs for metropolitan Ethernet services to UCB locations in the Berkeley area.

AT&T strategic agreements:

We are working on additional AT&T agreements that will have direct benefit to the campus and will announce those when they are completed.
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