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PeopleSoft: Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

HRMS serves as a single system for recording and updating personnel information and actions of Berkeley employees, including faculty, staff, non-Senate academic employees, undergraduate student employees, graduate student employees, post-doctoral fellows, and visiting scholars. Certain affiliated nonemployees, such as volunteers, consultants, and nonpaid visiting scholars, are also included in this management system. The HRMS technical team as part of the PeopleSoft Unit is responsible for the development, customization, and maintenance of the HRMS application.

The system has been widely distributed to the campus community, with access based on the user's roles and responsibilities. Some components, such as applicant self-service, are available to people beyond Berkeley. HRMS and its reporting tool, HR BAIRS, offers departments and divisions the opportunity to review their use of "shadow" systems, which, in many cases, departments may decide to retire.

HRMS consists of Administer Workforce; self-service modules for eRecruit, Employee, Applicant, Manager and Recruiter, Faculty Events, and Staff Resources; Safety Training and Record Keeping System (STARS) modules; and interfaces from and to major campus systems such a nightly interface from HRMS to Payroll (PPS), HRMS to BAIRS reporting system, HRMS to Budget System (BIBS), from BFS to HRMS, and from UCOP'S "At your Service" to HRMS.

HRMS provides access to personal and job data to all campus departments via central access and to all employees via Self Service. The HRMS eRecruit module is used by applicants from all over the world to search for jobs and apply.

The HRMS application was replatformed from DB2/MVS to Oracle/UNIX on February 3, 2007. This migration leverages our growing expertise in distributed systems platforms, established with our newer applications and the campus data warehouse. It also frees up critical capacity on the mainframe, which not only reduces costs, but also provides the time needed to develop a platform strategy for other key applications that share the mainframe environment.

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