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How to Use the AirBears Service

What you need

Initial Setup

  1. Set your computer to "Automatically Obtain an IP Address" via DHCP. For instructions see the links on the campus DHCP service FAQ here.
  2. Set the "network name" (SSID) of your wireless card to be AirBears (case sensitive). Your wireless card might automatically select a wireless network; if AirBears is selected automatically, you can skip this step. If another network is selected automatically, you will need to change your network to AirBears before continuing.
  3. Turn OFF WEP or any other encryption or data scheme that might be turned on by default. The AirBears service does NOT use encryption.

How To Login

  1. Startup your web browser and direct it to any webpage.

    Your web browser will be redirected to the secure (https) AirBears login page.  Follow the instructions to login with your CalNetID and passphrase. Guest account users should enter their guest account username and password.

    By logging in and using the service you consent to the terms and conditions of the AirBears service.

  2. If you enter your CalNetID and passphrase or guest account username and password correctly, your web browser will be redirected to the original web page you entered.
  3. At this point you have been authenticated and will be able to use the AirBears service to connect to the campus network and the Internet.

    Note: AirBears is NOT encrypted. Traffic sent or received can be intercepted by anyone connected to the wireless network. It it strongly advised that you only use applications that provide end-to-end encryption. Please read the W-Fi Network Security article for more information.

You might check the Campus WiFi Knowledge Base for commonly asked questions and answers about the AirBears service.
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