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UC Berkeley VPN Guest Service

UC Berkeley VPN Guest Service

Guest accounts allow visitors short term use of the UC Berkeley VPN allowing them access to campus resources not available to the general Internet. Accounts may be created by Faculty and Staff and are valid for a period of up to a week. VPN guest accounts only allow access the VPN service; they do not provide access to wired network services such as the campus DHCP service, campus email or other services. Longer term affiliates who require such services must apply for an affiliate CalNet ID in order to be eligible.

Faculty and Staff may create, view and modify guest accounts via the guest account management system. Note that in order to access this system, you must authenticate via CalNet.

Access the VPN Guest Account Manager

In order to obtain a guest account, the campus Staff or Faculty member who is sponsoring the guest's visit must create an account using the above process. Guest accounts are not available without a campus sponsor. If you are a guest, please do not send unsolicited requests for sponsorship or guest accounts to the above email address. Please do not ask campus Staff or Faculty with whom you have no prior affiliation to sponsor you.  

Campus Staff and Faculty who need help with the VPN Guest account creation process should contact the IST Service Desk:

NOTE: The creator of a guest account is the contact for any security or policy concerns related to the use of the guest account. The creator of a guest account must ensure that the user of the guest account abides by the terms and policies set forth in the following websites:

Any guest account found to be in violation will be blocked from further access to the VPN service.

AirBears Wireless SSID Has Been Retired

As of Friday, Aug. 14 at 5 p.m. the AirBears wireless network has been retired. Access to the UC Berkeley networks and Internet will no longer be available through the AirBears SSID.

Visitors to campus may connect to the CalVisitor wireless network, which provides Internet and basic campus connectivity without the necessity of a guest account. 

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