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Campus Wi-Fi Options: AirBears2, AirBears, and AT&T

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Campus Wi-Fi Options

IST offers the following options for accessing the campus Wi-Fi network. You can also download the Wi-Fi comparison chart.




AirBears2 provides simplified authentication for eligible campus users, and improved confidentiality for data being transmitted wirelessly. AirBears2 is an enhanced alternative to Airbears. The secure automatic connection means that users only login once. The encryption of wireless data traffic improves security.

Follow these steps to access AirBears2:

1. Create a Key

Use your CalNet Passphrase to login to the Manage My Keys website and follow the instructions provided.

See additional information on managing your AirBears2 key.

2. Configure Your Device or Computer

Once you have your AirBears2 key, you can configure your device or computer to use AirBears2. Just select it as your Wi-Fi network, accept the certificate that is offered (this secures the association process), and log in with your CalNet ID using your AirBears2 key as the password. Once you have done this the first time, your device should automatically use AirBears2 whenever you are within an area that it is provided (inside almost all Campus buildings).

Learn more about using AirBears2 for different types of computers and devices.

 eduroam logo

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.  eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions.

The eduroam WiFi service has two intended audiences. The first is UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students who travel to other institutions that participate in eduroam.  At those institutions, UC Berkeley network users who have configured a Wi-Fi Key for AirBears2 can use the eduroam Wi-Fi service to obtain network connectivity. The other group of users are visitors to the UC Berkeley campus who have eduroam.

To use eduroam, follow these steps:

1. Use your AirBears2 Key or Create a Key

If you already have an AirBears2 key you can skip this step. To create a key, use your CalNet Passphrase to login to the Manage My Keys website and follow the instructions provided.

2. Configure Your Device or Computer

Connect to the eduroam SSID, and provide your CalNet ID as the user name, for example if your CalNet ID is oski, you would enter "" Enter your AirBears2 WiFi Key as the password. Once you have done this, your device should automatically use eduroam whenever you are at an institution that provides it.

Visit for more information about this service.


CalVisitor provides a basic level of Wi-Fi access for those without a CalNet ID. This free (no cost, no passphrase required) service is intended to support the Internet access needs of campus visitors.

To access CalVisitor, simply instruct your guests to configure their Wi-Fi enabled device to select CalVisitor as the SSID for their wireless networking needs.

UC Berkeley Students, Faculty, and Staff are strongly encouraged to continue to use AirBears2 as their secure Wi-Fi connection to the internet and campus information technology assets.

Learn more about CalVisitor.



AirBears is the basic wireless access to campus networks with web-based connection providing access to all students, faculty and staff.

AirBears also allows for the creation of guest accounts for campus visitors


AT&T logo

AT&T Wi-Fi Project 

We have embarked on a joint project with AT&T that will enable us to provide nearly 100% full wi-fi coverage inside campus buildings, with AirBears running alongside the AT&T SSID (attwifi). The project will also allow us to extend the 'attwifi' SSID to the student residence halls. Anyone with a smart phone, laptop, or mobile device that is enabled for wi-fi will be able to use the AT&T Wi-Fi service. Users with an AT&T data plan will be able to connect automatically, while others will have the option to purchase blocks of time on the AT&T service. Learn more about AT&T Wi-Fi service.

If you require assistance with Wi-Fi connection, contact Campus Shared Services IT at (510) 664-9000 or by emailing
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